Monday, May 7, 2012

Spring colours add to walking pleasure

With the weather warmer and less windy, we are returning to our walking routine. La Ronda, the path that goes for many kilometres right out to the Cap de Creus is minutes away and part of it makes for a lovely walk.

Today we walked from El Port de la Selva to the first lighthouse. The rock pools caused a diversion at the beginning of our walk. We left the path and walked down to the water on the slate rocks. Really, we wanted to see if the water was warm enough for swimming. Sea urchins and red sea anemones were quite abundant in the pools. I wonder if you could collect the urchins to make a pasta sauce? The one sight that was quite disgusting were the black sea slugs about fifteen centimetres long; although they appear quite harmless. A few startled tiny fish quickly swam away. Snorkelling in this area will be excellent.

The walk provided us with a wonderful array of colours with vibrant orange, yellow, white and hot pink hottentots in full bloom everywhere. A lovely scent was coming from the sweet olive bushes. Bright yellow and purple bushes were everywhere. We also spotted some elegant pinky-mauvish poppies with a purple centre. My favourites.

From the lighthouse we watched a fishing boat surrounded by a flock of squabbling gulls fighting over fish scraps. Today's sea is relatively calm. I think the strong winds are truly on the decline now. Even the sailboats in front of the village are just bobbing contentedly at their moorings.

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