Monday, May 28, 2012

More family fun by the beach

Move over Marley family for the Penguins from Catalunya. Today the Sonar Festival for children continued in the village with the Penguins kicking off just before noon. This group plays reggae music with Catalan folktale lyrics accompanied by makeshift costumes with a variety of hats.....jester's hats, scarves, chef's hats and paper tricorns. These were used for a song about Napoleon, after some jests about Sarkozy, sung to the music of Glory, Glory Alleluia. The adults in the audience were very appreciative of all the music with everyone dancing to the reggae or ska beat. Even the people walking along the promenade added a few reggae moves to their steps.

The village was very busy. Parking is free and every spot was filled. Lots of locals from nearby towns and villages had come for the Sonar festival, which you could easily see and hear from the beach. Bus tours with elderly Spanish people enjoyed the reggae and even  some of them were dancing to the music. Cyclists and motorcyclists buzzed through the town and many more local Catalunyians and French with homes here were shopping and enjoying the sun. An artist was on one of the docks near the beach leisurely painting the llauds in oils. 

At the close of the final reggae set we decided it was time to exit the village just in time to miss the very loud street dancing band.

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