Sunday, May 20, 2012

Giants on parade

The weather has been rainy, windy and thundery for the past few weeks with some sunny days. However, at noon today the sun shone brightly just in time for the Parade of the Giants. There was a huge mermaid and various  blowsy women and  working men that were at least twelve feet tall in the parade accompanied by bands with traditional wind instruments and drums. They sounded like middle eastern bands. The giants and bands came from local nearby towns such as Roses, Villafant and Figueres to name a few. Once the parade arrived at a square halfway through the village, giant costumes were lined up on the sidewalk, while the paraders had some refreshments before they started off again. The townspeople and tourists lining the route applauded the parade. The rain kindly waited for the parade to be finished before lashing down once more.

Tonight we drove through yet another thunderstorm with torrential rain to the ballroom in the village. As part of the St. Baldiri celebrations an orchestra was playing tonight. The mature audience enjoyed the dance music with Catalan songs that evoked strong emotions in some of the audience. All the ladies waved white handkerchiefs to one song that was obviously about saying goodbye. The male and female singers had classic music training and displayed it in a patriotic song that had more of an opera ring to it. The song was about Girona and the audience loved it.

The orchestra was staying in the ballroom to provide music for a dance. We opted to return home after negotiating the river along the front to return to our car. The torrential  rain is even heavier. It's a good night to stay home.

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