Monday, May 14, 2012

First swim

After watching the beach for several days, finally people were in swimming. Actually swimming. It was late afternoon and time to take the plunge. Once down at the beach, we parked our gear and walked right into the water. Not too bad. We kept right on walking and then took the big dive. Lovely, the taste of salt water on your lips.

We had a good swim back and forth across the bay. A German gentleman came to talk to Seamus but in German. It was either something about the Euro or the European Soccer Championships. He seemed to ask if Seamus was someone. We think it was the previous coach of France's soccer team, Domenesch,  because there is a resemblance and people tend to peer a bit at Seamus. The German's final remark was, "doppelgänger." On the other hand he could have been saying that it was a bit early for other nationalities to go swimming. We'll never know.

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