Sunday, May 20, 2012

Festa de Sant Baldiri

Since the weather is still arguing against a day at the beach, we opt for Plan B, a trip to Figueres. Our friends are suitably impressed with the scale and variety of the market. We enjoy coffee on the rambla, before heading off into the many pedestrianized shopping streets. One of our guests is on a quest for shoes, and she finds them, just as we promised she would! Now it is time to show off our favourite restaurant in Figueres, Lizzaran. It is hard to beat the food here, or the ambiance, especially on a busy Saturday afternoon.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday our village is celebrating the Festival of St. Baldiri. Saturday's events included bicycle decorating for the children and a chocolate walk. Conjure up in your mind what this might look like. I had visions of walking around the promenade at the Port while people handed out chocolates.

Promptly at six o'clock we arrived in the Port. Where were the chocolates? There were young children with decorated bikes drinking little cups of chocolate. They must have walked their bikes in a parade and this was their reward.

Not to despair. We walked along to the chocolate shop and my friend kindly bought us some delicious handmade chocolates. We then toured the handmade crafts made by the villagers including beautiful lobster pots, model llauds or fishing boats, local photography and art and exquisite embroidery emblematic of the port with ships and birds.

A delicious Italian artichoke risotto made by our company was a fine ending to the day.

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