Friday, May 18, 2012

Festa de Sant Baldiri

This afternoon we visited Marti Fabras winery, which had been recommended to us. We entered a tasting area lined with huge old barrels more than a hundred years old. The three reds were all good so we left with a bottle of each. Because of the weather and soil in the Emporda the wines have a high percentage of alcohol.

The St. Baldri Festival kicked off in the village tonight with 'Mostra de Cuina', a food fair.  Residents of the village had filled the 'sala de ball' (our town hall) with  appetizers, main courses or desserts that they had created. We paid 2€ each for the meal and two drinks. By 8:30 we were all lined up around the tables waiting for volunteers to begin serve the food. There were salads, quiches, mussels with salsa, bacala (codfish) balls, raw bacala, paella, seafood dishes, asparagus gelato, Italian hamburger, bacon-wrapped chicken livers, veal meatballs, snails, shrimps and even sushi. The desserts were truly out of this world. There were all kinds of cakes. My favourite was spicy hazelnut with a warm hazelnut sauce. There were wonderful meringues, tiny raspberry tarts, pineapple upside down cakes, home-made chocolates and those wonderful homemade sugary donuts just to name a few.

There were over three hundred people in attendance at the ballroom for this special event all made possible by volunteers. Tomorrow I am really looking forward to 'xocolatada al passeig' (chocolate walk). I'm not exactly sure how it works but it sounds wonderful!

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