Sunday, May 13, 2012

An exploration close to home

After days of preparation for our first visitors' arrival we decided to give the cleaning and shopping a break. A few days ago everything was covered in fine yellow pollen, requiring a major dusting. The sparkling clean didn't last too long as more winds managed to whip up the dust once again. Yesterday provided a pleasant respite. At a warm 28 degrees it was wonderful sitting on the beach; although no one is really swimming yet. Last night from the terrace we could see some old ladies from the village having a little paddle, while a few young kids managed to splash about in the water.

Today was supposed to be warm but it was cloudy and windy. We decided to explore the woods right behind our house. It seems odd that we hadn't been in there before but from the road the vegetation appears really dense. We found a little pathway and entered a lovely area with old terraces from the ancient vineyards. Unfortunately, not one vine remains standing but the area is covered in stone pines, bright yellow and very thorny gorse, lovely French lavender and an assortment of other bushes. Many of these you might find in your garden. It looks like there was a house there with beautiful gardens at one time.

As we roamed deeper into the woods, we decided to try to find an old ruined mill that we can see from our house. We had to climb a fence and unfortunately, the path became more dense. There was no way out. Even the dry, sandy river bed was fenced off. Finally, we came to a break in the next fence. This walk was getting harder as it was through tightly packed, overgrown olive trees. Having had enough and seeing that the mill was out of reach, we decided to turn back. The road was in front of us but we had to bushwhack through gorse and grasses that were much taller than us.

We will explore the rest of the area another day. One find was a whole grove of orange and yellow nasturtiums. I'm sure a couple wont be missed.

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