Thursday, May 24, 2012

Beach day

Life has slowed down with the temperature over thirty degrees celsius today. The village is still relatively quiet with a few more people staying here now. More shops are open for the newcomers, cyclists, hikers and the odd bus tour that stops in the village for a few hours. It was down to the beach at five for a swim in the calm water, which was a perfect temperature for swimming.

While we were down there we watched a children's birthday party Catalan style. In fact it was the birthday of one of our neighbour's children. First it was everyone in the bouncy castle while parents watched from the bar right on the beach. Then all the kids peeled off and had a great time playing in the water and getting covered in sand. No one worried about swim suits. All the parents supervised the kids in the water with more parents coming to watch as they had a little time off work. Then everyone was called back to the beach bar for cake and a few rounds of Happy Birthday sung in Catalan.

Dried off, we watched more French sailboats come in and anchor in the bay. Every so often someone would jump in the water from the boats to cool off. With the church bells chiming seven o'clock we went across the street to the bar for a refreshing espresso congelo, espresso on ice. The birthday party was still going strong as we headed home.

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