Tuesday, April 10, 2012

We watch kite surfing

After a quick stock up at one of the supermarkets in Empuriabrava we went for a walk along the beach braving the brisk wind. It was quite spectacular looking at the twenty or so multicoloured kites, from the kite surfers, careening about in the sky.

We walked along the beach and actually crossed the wide Muga river on a sandy isthmus. By this time we were really fascinated by the people taking kite surfing lessons. One of the first things the students tackled was just getting the kite out of the water and into the air. No mean feat. Then they had to maneuver the kite and that was all they did with the help of the instructor. Another couple learned how to stand up on the board and then proceeded to the water. The next we saw of that person he had come right across the water and nearly came right up on the beach. His kite was stuck in the sand for a while.

Then a man started surfing in the lagoon behind us with a puffy kite that was much bigger than the rest. What a show he put on, actually leaping in the air for four or five metres and then floating along before finally landing perfectly back on the water.

As we made our way back to the car we watched a couple of boys with much smaller kites than the kite boarders. One small boy was standing on a board in the sand, while keeping his balance and flying the kite. When we glanced back to have one final look at him he was off the board and about to become airborne. Fortunately, his mother was nearby and caught him in time.

Kite boarding is very popular along the Empuriabrava and St. Pere Pescador beaches with certain areas being dedicated to this sport. It looks like a lot of fun. Perhaps some day.

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