Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Village enjoys Barca victory on big screen

Tonight's entertainment took place down at the ballroom -- really a gym with a stage -- in the village. It was a big night, Barcelona vs Milan to see which team will advance in the UEFA Cup. The two teams played to a 0-0 draw last week. What had happened to Barca's winning streak? There was a lot riding on tonight's game.

We arrived just before kick-off. The ladies from the adjutament or town hall were selling beer, cava and water and even better there was a whole table of home made sandwiches and lovely cakes, which we found out at half time were selling for only a euro a piece.

The game was pretty fast moving with Barca playing an aggressive game with very little rolling around on the ground. Complete with  a couple of vuvuzelas and the enthusiastic support of the crowd in the gym, Barca had a very convincing win over Milan, 3-1. It was a fun night out in the village. Our next visit to the gym will be held later in the month when Barca plays Benfica or Chelsea.

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