Monday, April 9, 2012

Village comes alive for Easter weekend

Friday morning we set off earlier than usual for our coffee thinking that taking the car would be no problem. Since it was Good Friday we thought that our weekly market would be cancelled. How wrong we were. We arrived in the village to a market at least twice the size it usually was attracting hordes of people. A quick drive through the village confirmed that there were no parking spots except for the sandy lot at the bottom of our hill. With our shopping finished we negotiated the weekenders from Barcelona and France to our usual coffee stop, the Nautica. It was lovely watching the llauds, traditional fishing boats, now used for leisure, going out for the day.

Walking back through the village we investigated the rotisserie chicken shop, where they can rotiss over a hundred chickens at a time. Not only that but there is a sign that it is best to reserve your chicken in advance.

All the restaurants and shops were open again on Saturday, not even closing for three hours in the afternoon. Once again the people with summer homes, backpackers and cyclists converged on the village. As we had run out of sangria, we decided to drive over the mountain to Villaguiga to stock up for 2€ a litre. We passed a professional cycling team near the top and on the way down, as we were going 50 kilometres an hour around the switchbacks, two of the cyclists totally left us in their dust. Every time I watch cyclists training I have a great appreciation for the competitors in the Tour de France.

Today we woke up to a tramontana with force six winds. The kite and wind surfers were out in force. After sitting outside having our coffee in the shelter of the Nautica, we were enjoying the sun so much we decided to have a drink and then some tapas, grilled shrimp and grilled squid. Fabulous.

Tonight dinner was rabbit cooked in rose wine with whole garlic, black olives, fresh rosemary, oregano and bay leaves. So simple and tasty but perhaps in bad taste!

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