Monday, April 2, 2012

No more sleepy little village

Life has been busy in El Port de la Selva this week. The last painting and cleaning touches were finished to many businesses. Everything is sparkling. Over this weekend four, new to us, restaurants have opened. As well as: a take away chicken rotisserie store that we didn't even know existed; four clothing stores some with mainly beach attire; the flower gift shop; the ceramics store and the exquisite modern jewelry shop. All open and busy.

We had some shopping to do in the village and we just managed to snag the last parking spot. The place was humming. We did manage to time it when people were leaving the church, many carrying what looked like branches of laurel bushes to celebrate Palm Sunday. This is a very big week in Spain, Semana Santa, when there will be lots of processions relating to Easter.

In the bay in front of the village newbee windsurfers were getting their first lessons and doing very well. After about half an hour they were all managing to stay up.

The Nautica, where we have coffee most days, was busy with boaters, hikers and visitors from France. I think today was a taste of things to come. Next Sunday we may just walk to the village. Our little spot of tranquility is becoming quite exciting.

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