Saturday, April 28, 2012

Mourillon market

Despite listening to Toulon revellers until well past two in the morning, we made a reasonable start in the morning. After breakfast we walked to the seaside town of Le Mourillon. It was once a fishing village and now is home to many officers of the French fleet. Our first stop was the market, which was quite different from the Toulon market. Not only did they have fruit and vegetable stands but also lots of high end clothing, shoes, leather goods and flowers beautifully displayed. This market catered to the Mourillon locals; we seemed to be the only tourists. One really interesting vendor cooked paella for take-away in a gigantic pan at least a metre across.

We continued walking through the town to the the lovely, sandy beaches. The return journey took us past Fort St. Louis built in the time of Louis XVI to protect the harbour. By now the wind had really gathered in intensity and we were glad to be back in the main port area.

This afternoon we visited the Museum of Old Toulon. There were several models of ships, maps and artefacts tracing Toulon\'s naval history. There were also numerous documents on display, such as seventeenth century math teachers\' huge books written in perfect script. The edges of the paper had disintegrated but otherwise they were in perfect condition.

Next we stopped at a fromagerie -- cheese shop -- to admire a huge selection of small sheep\'s, goat\'s and cow\'s cheese. They were quite small in all kinds of shapes. It was a bit smelly with all kinds of blue cheeses and roqueforts as well as a selection of hard cheeses that we hadn\'t seen before. We had a taste of an old yellow cheese that had a rind that looked as if it had woodworm. It was a bit mild for our taste. We bought two cheeses and a loaf for a picnic on the way home tomorrow. No more rest stop food.

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