Friday, April 6, 2012

Coffee at the lighthouse

The quiet tranquility of the village in winter has truly disappeared. Even more undiscovered restaurants have opened. We now have neighbours, at least on one side of us. I'm sure the others will be here soon. Parking in the village is becoming impossible as the holiday makers open their summer homes and others visit for the day. And worse, last Sunday, while properly parked, someone managed to give the back wheel area of our car a good scrape. From now on, certainly on weekends, we will be trekking down the hill to the village and back with the return trip providing a good workout for our calves.

Our destination this afternoon was the Cap de Creus, since we hadn't been there for quite a while. The always superb drive through the mountains was made even more stunning today by red poppies lining the road. The mountains were full of colour with flowering rosemary,  purple flowering shrubs, the ubiquitous prickly pear and carpets of vibrant pink balsam, with their bright heads fully opened.

We headed to the cafe at the end of the Cape. As usual it was out of the wind, which made sitting listening to Nora Jones and sipping our cortado, gazing out at the sea quite lovely. Finally, we decided to go for a walk over the rocky outcrops and down a rugged path. We encountered a huge cave-like tunnel that allowed the sea to enter a chasm lined with rock in every shade of grey. The rocks contrasted beautifully with the Mediterranean blue of the water. On the return climb we went through several areas where bees were hard at work.

Back in the car we followed the winding route to Roses and then to Gariguella, where there are a couple of wineries selling various goods from the Emporda, as well as wine. After stocking up on some wine, olive oil, hot bread and olive oil soaps it was home to make dinner.

We made a blood orange salad with spicy green olives, a bit of olive oil and touch of salt. Our barbecued scampi were marinated in olive oil, grated ginger, garlic and a bit of chili pepper. Delicious.

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