Thursday, March 1, 2012

Walking in sunshine

Since there was little wind and the temperature was a delightful 18 degrees celsius we ventured up the St. Pere de Rodes mountain to go for a walk. We decided to follow the trail towards Llanca, where we had been before, encountering the cows. This time there were no cows but plenty of evidence that they had been in the area. 

As we started down the track we discovered two dolmens, the stones that mark  neolithic burial sites. The hillsides were covered in a  beautiful sea of yellow broom. Today we were more aware of new trails that we could explore on future trips. We walked further along the  newly marked path than before heading down the mountain towards our neighbouring village, Llanca. I imagine the new markings were for a mountain biking event. Right off the trail we spotted another one of Franco's many bunkers that dot the coast. This one was more inland than others we have seen and was quite overgrown. Perhaps it was located where it was, not only to watch the sea but to monitor this rough track between the villages.

Finally, without encountering another person, we decided that the trail was becoming too narrow, rough and washed out to follow and we turned around. As our walk so far had been mostly downhill the return trip was of course mostly uphill - unfortunately!  But we were soon back at our car with minimal whining. The two hour walk had gone by quickly, and we were soon rolling back down the mountain. Literally rolling, as it sometimes amuses Seamus to see how far our little car will roll in neutral - pretty much the full 8 km trip home in this case.

Walking is a way of life in this area. Fortunately, all the walks in the mountains aren't climbs as you can choose to follow old paths that go around the mountains connecting ruined farms and villages. Even our village requires a fair bit of walking as parking is at a premium and we have been warned to leave our car at home between June and the end of September, which is high tourist season here. Already we are seeing a few more tourists in the village and can't imagine what the summer months will be like.

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