Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sunday lunch in the hills

The first day of daylight savings time and we decided to go for lunch to the Restaurant Corral de Sant Quirze at the site of the old monastery of Sant Quirze de Colera. In order to reach the restaurant you have to drive over some very rough single track roads. It's mainly locals from both sides of the border who frequent the restaurant, which is on the site of a former farmyard where shepherds used to shelter their animals as they crossed the Pyrenees. The huge, thick walls and buttresses hark back to ancient times.

Huge families come here for lunch with one table today seating twenty-three people. The restaurant isn't huge so we were lucky that we only had to wait half an hour. There is ample space outside on the porch to have a drink in the lovely sunshine and listen to the clang of the bells from the cows, several with calves, that have come down the mountain to the lower pastures.

The time passed very quickly and we were soon seated. Everything is local and cooked on a huge grill. Today I opted for the chicken, which was perhaps the tenderest and best chicken I've tasted. Seamus had the local sausage. Of course both were accompanied by the  . Although the meal was plain, it was delicious.

Afterwards we walked up through the terraces of the former abbey to the font. After all the food and the warm temperatures it was asking too much to walk too far. We sat down and admired the view over the restaurant and the abbey before returning to the car for the short trip home.

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Anonymous said...

What a wonderful time you must be having. I cannot wait to continue reading your adventures! If our travels bring us your way we will let you know.