Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Spring in the Aiguamolls

Yesterday afternoon we made a trip to the Aiguamolls nature reserve to see if any chicks had been hatched. Both sides of the country roads were covered in bright red wild poppies. Spring had well and truly arrived with the twenty-five degree weather. Our first stop was the blind where you can watch the flamingoes. There were many ducks, common moorehens, purple moorehens, mallards, shelducks, swans and the flamingoes. This time the flamingoes, who spent all of their time foraging in the pond,  were much pinker than before, a sign of being healthy. There were no signs of chicks from any of the birds. We spotted a baby deer in the tall reeds but no sign of the mother.

Further down the path one of the fields had been flooded and storks, great egrets, smaller egrets, and a lone black egret were feeding in the water. The water in the Aiguamoll is regularly controlled with the irrigation channels that run throughout the reserve. All of the stork nests in the next field were occupied, some with one stork and some with two. They were making a huge noise clacking their beaks. But still no chicks.

As we crossed one of the bridges over one of the channels there were ten very large carp, about two feet long, stuck at a lock in the channel. Some were trying to make it over but it wasn't working for them.

Many trees are almost in full bloom. I'm looking forward to our next visit when I'm sure we'll see some stork chicks.

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