Wednesday, March 14, 2012

We depart for Sicily

Sunday morning and our last coffee in the village before our little trip to Sicily. With the weather a warm 20 degrees at eleven o'clock and the wind blowing, the wind surfers were out in full force. Talk about full frontal nudity, it's rife as the surfers strip right off while facing the oncoming traffic. Todgers, todgers everywhere.

After a much speedier trip than expected we arrived at Girona airport well ahead of our departure time. This was our first Ryanair flight and we weren't quite sure what to expect but we were pleasantly surprised: check in was a breeze, the flight left on time and even arrived in Trapani twenty minutes ahead of schedule.

Our Hertz check-in was speedy but unfortunately the rep hadn't noted that the car had a dent in the back of it. A quick stop back at the counter and we were ready to go. Tonight we are staying at a B and B in Trapani in a very old building with a lovely view of the ferries, which sail to Tunisia, Sardinia and the Egadi Islands.

We abandoned our luggage to go in search of dinner. Unfortunately, the restaurant recommended to us was closed and we settled for another nearby. We started with delicious caponata, cooked eggplant, zucchini, and almonds in a sauce. It was delicious. Seamus had grilled swordfish and I had swordfish topped with fresh tomatoes, onions and capers. Many people were still out walking around town so we decided to go for our own passeggiata. Trapani lies on an isthmus so one side of town has the port and the other the beaches. We passed many buildings with beautiful facades and several churches, almost one after the other. We even passed a church of purgatory. Sounds interesting. Window shopping in all the high-end shops was quite enjoyable. In a few of the alcoves that were entrances to the shops lay some quite big sleeping dogs. I think that they were there to guard the shops and I'm sure that if we went by tomorrow night they would be there again. Finally, we stopped for a perfect illy espresso and a baby shortcrust pastry with apricot jam inside. Mmmmmm. There were little desserts including meringues, lovely little tarts and cakes of every colour on display.

When we reached the beach side of town we started walking along the stone promenade with the beach on one side and lit buildings on the other. The shadows from the lighting made the whole thing very spooky and as the wind was coming up we decided to return to our hotel. How different from Spain, where cars always stop at a crosswalk for you. This is Italy and not one car stopped.

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