Friday, March 30, 2012

Platja de les Dunes

A phone call from the hardware store meant that we had to make one more trip to Empuriabrava to double check an order we made. This was the third time this week that we had been there. After a quick shop at our Friday market to stock up on fruits and veg and fortified with our morning cafe con leche, we decided to get a little smoked salmon at the butcher shop, make an open faced sandwich with red onions and capers, take some wine and go for a picnic and walk on the beach before going to the store.

We loaded up the car with our new beach chairs and picnic only to find that it was pretty full.  A two-door four-seater, eco friendly FIAT has very limited room. We knew that when we bought it but the reality of our picnic brought it home to us. Visitors beware. If you are more than one you will need to rent a car.

The trip takes half an hour through lovely countryside. Once again we passed the red poppies lining the road. Today there were fields of vegetation about a foot high with egrets feeding. You couldn't really see the egrets in the vegetation until suddenly their heads popped up. It was quite funny to watch a field of bobbing egrets. Combine harvesters were busy cutting and baling grass. We passed many fields with the bales already covered in white plastic just waiting to be picked up. The leaves on the trees were even bigger today and there were lots of white and hot pink blossoms on the fruit trees.  

Finally, we arrived at one of the San Pescador beaches. Loaded down with our new beach chairs and picnic we set off to find a spot in the dunes. We unpacked our smoked salmon sandwiches and gave them a quick squirt with the penultimate lemon from our tree. Although it was a little blowy and a little sand did get in the wine, it made our hardware trip bearable. Did I mention that it was 28 degrees celsius?

This beautiful sandy beach lined with dunes and palm trees is probably fifty metres wide in some places. There are no hotels along the beach just a few campsites that usually have restaurants attached to them. It is truly a beautiful spot. We decided to go on a new walk for us going in the direction of Empuries, where the Greek and Roman ruins are. As a bonus there was only a handful of people at the beach. We walked most of the way actually paddling in the warm surf as the waves broke. As we walked along we could see one nude fellow going in for a swim and coming out very quickly; however just before we got to his spot he decided to go for another swim and timed it to come out right in front of us. This obviously made him feel very good. And I thought the water was cold! 

As we neared Empuries, I turned to look at Seamus, who had sunk in the sand past his knees. This was a little alarming to say the least. Fortunately, he was able to get out of the sand without too much difficulty. On our way back along the beach we encountered another naked man, who was obviously happy to display that he'd just been newly waxed. Was this a gay enclave? On a birding note, we did spot a white chested cormorant who flew up out of the water with a fishing line attached to him.

After an illy coffee at the Blue Sky Cafe we arrived at the hardware store. We were well past 3:30 so we didn't have to line up outside and wait for the oom-pa-pa band music that marks their afternoon opening. With our business finished we were happy to return home looking forward to the next Sant Pescador trip, when we will take our bathing suits.

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