Thursday, March 8, 2012

Force seven but not from Navarone

Today saw the highest winds  so far in El Port de la Selva, Force seven on the Beaufort scale. Once again all the fishing boats were tied up. When we had our coffee at the Nautica this morning, we watched the wind whip up the water in several directions all at once. In fact when we parked the car the spray was flying up over a nearby building and you could feel it spritzing your face.

We are tired of the tramuntana winds even though everyone assures us that they have never seen anything like it. Today's winds were so intense that we just had to go wave watching once more. We drove to the parking lot for the nearby lighthouse but even before we got out of the car, which was shaking with the pummeling it was getting from the wind, we knew that this might have been a mistake. Finally out of the car, we were pushed down to the walkway by the wind. Fortunately, there was a fence between us and the rocks and turbulent sea right beneath us. Every so often you would have to brace yourself and hang on to the fence just to prevent a Mary Poppins episode. The waves were huge with the spray from them rising twenty metres to splash the walkway above as they drove in to the rocks.

We walked a little further up the path to a lookout. There were whitecaps as far as the eye could see and many spots where the spume travelled behind the waves in a rainbow of colours. By this time the wind was so vicious that we couldn't walk the thirty metres to the lighthouse. It was hard enough just turning back to the car. At one point I felt like a bird flying in to the wind staying in a stationary position. I was very thankful of Seamus' firm grip as we negotiated our way back to the car. The wind was so strong that I had difficulty breathing or maybe it was that I was working so hard I was out of breath by the time I got into the car.

We watched the waves for a while longer and drove in to town for a well deserved espresso. I wonder what tonight will bring with the wind and the solar flares. It should be interesting.

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