Sunday, March 4, 2012

Fira in Figueres

This morning it was off to Figueres to see what the Fira was all about. It had been cancelled back in January because of the terribly high winds. We headed over to the Ramblas and after our cafe con leche we crossed the road to the huge square, which was filled with lots of stalls, many with clothes on sale.

There was a wonderful smell coming from the freshly deep fried donuts, which we love but managed to forego. We did stop at the cheese stand, and after tasting several cheeses we bought some creamy roquefort, goat's cheese that you can slice and put on the top of salads, sheep's cheese covered in ash and goat's cheese coated in rosemary. There's going to be some good eating this week.

After wandering around town we went to our favourite restaurant Lizzaran, which is always incredibly busy and has a great atmosphere. There is a lovely selection of tapas along the counter; you just go up and help yourself to. The servers, who are a lot of fun, ring a cow bell and come around with fresh tapas on trays. Usually these tapas don't make it all the way around the restaurant. As well you can order from the extensive menu. Today I had grilled duck breast slices accompanied by a baked potato and Seamus had fried baby squids with patates bravas. So tasty! The meals aren't large, just a perfect size and always everything is cooked to absolute perfection. People are always talking about "the crisis" in Spain and the lack of money. The fact that Lizzaran is always busy shows what great value for money it is.

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