Sunday, March 4, 2012

Couch odyssey ends

Today we made another trip into Empuriabrava to once again look at couches. After a trip to our Friday market to stock up on fruit and veg we set off to visit the stores before they closed for their three hour lunch break. We got one visit in but the other store closes even earlier for lunch so it was down to the sea front for a lovely mushroom and ham pizza and glass of sangria, which always puts a better light on any shopping.

With some time to kill we decided to go for a short walk, in the sunny 23 degree weather, with a warning from Seamus that the walk shouldn't involve any f#@*g flamingoes! We did drive up the Muga River to the Empuriabrava side of the Aiguamolls nature reserve and had a quick visit.  From the first blind we watched a couple of swans feeding and some moorhens skittering about on the top of the water. On the way to the second blind we noticed that some trees already had baby leaves. There were plenty of mallards nesting and lots of coots but alas, sadly for Seamus no flamingoes of any description.

Back in Empuriabrava we finally ordered the couch for our den, which is Spanish and very well made. Tomorrow we are looking forward to the Fira in Figueres

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