Saturday, February 25, 2012

Up where the wild boar roam

Our fishing boats have been tied up in the harbour for three or four weeks because of the windy weather but on Thursday they were all out fishing. After coffee today we visited our fish shop, which has been closed for lack of fish. At first we liked the look of one fish but when we found out it was conger eel, we quickly opted for some sardines, which we will grill for our dinner.

Then it was home for a quick glass of freshly squeezed blood orange juice before going for a walk on a rough track that goes from La Selva de Mar to Puig d'en Grau. Several trucks passed us, some with hunting dogs. As we walked further up the track we heard the excited barking of the hounds and men shouting but we couldn't see if they had any wild boar in their sights. As we continued our walk winding around the mountain we could see a different hunting team spread out over several mountains dressed in their red garb. There was huge excitement from this group with lots of dogs barking, men shouting and a horn blowing. There will be fifteen to thirty men on each hunt. If they are successful they will take the boar to a local restaurant, where the chef will cook it up. Wild boar is pretty tasty and as a meat sauce on pasta, as one of our Italian friends makes, it is delicious.

We don't know if either team actually shot a wild boar as we had to cut our walk short so that we could be home in time to watch the Ireland vs Italy Six Nations game. Tonight Carnival.

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