Saturday, February 25, 2012

Shopping for carnival costumes

Today's bright sunshine and a temperature of twenty-three degrees celsius more than makes up for the cold, windy weather that we've had for the past few weeks. Unfortunately, today we had to go in to Figueres to buy our costumes for our village's Carnival on Saturday night; however we were successful in our quest. More will be revealed later in the week. Carnival starts with the parade at 11:30 at night with the party starting at midnight and apparently going on until the early hours in the local gym. We are ready.

Our plan was to buy our costumes yesterday but after spending two and three quarter hours buying Seamus' new prescription sunglasses, we decided to go home. Why it took all that time, I still don't know. The person serving us was a young German fellow, who used to be a chef and is now the boyfriend of the owner's daughter. That is just a snippet of what I know about him. At one point I thought that he was showing us 'Eichmann' glasses from Brazil and we didn't want them! As it turns out, we found out today, when we picked up our receipt that they were 'Ana Hickman' glasses named after a model, who apparently has the longest legs in the modelling field. It just goes to show what can be lost in translation.

Our Catalan class starts tonight at 7:30. We don't know why the date was changed but we have been assured that tonight is the night. Seamus made a wonderful risotto last night of serrano ham, fresh shelled peas, fresh thyme, wine, stock, and goat and parmesan cheese. There is plenty left over for dinner before we head off to our class. Now it's off to soak up some of the warm sun.

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