Saturday, February 25, 2012

Our first Catalan class

Spring has definitely arrived. It was a pleasure to shop at this morning's market in the bright sunshine with the temperature over twenty degrees celsius. At last we can walk along La Ronda right by the sea to our nearest lighthouse without being blown out to sea. One of the fascinating things we saw on today's walk were chains of caterpillars one behind the other. The first had five and the second eighteen. We must find out what these are. There were even some French people sunbathing on the rocks below us. The weather was so warm that I had to pop in the shower when we returned home.

Then it was another trip in to Figueres to buy our workbooks for our Catalan course. Everyone we speak to here is quite thrilled that we are taking the course, which is quite challenging. We started last night in one of the schools in Llanca, the next town. There are fifteen of us in the class, which is extremely multicultural with people from other places in Spain outside Catalunya, and from France, Chile, Morocco, Russia and Senegal. Everyone else has been living in Catalunya for three years or longer except for us. Since we don't really hear many conversations in Catalunyan, I found the class quite difficult and moving along at a speed that I found too fast. It eventually dawned on us that more than half the class were in Part 2. Both classes have been combined with the class geared to the Part 2 people. We bought the workbooks for Part 1 as well as Part 2. Hopefully, this will help us make sense of it all.

Tomorrow is going to be hot again. Excitement in the village is high as everyone in the village, including us, is looking forward to dressing up for the Carnival tomorrow night.

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