Tuesday, February 21, 2012

No class today

Today was a 'stock up on staple foods in Empuriabrava' day. There is one hypermarket there where we can buy most of the things we are looking for without going from store to store. It sounds odd but we just can't seem to get everything in one place.

After a successful shop we drove down to the sea front and went for a walk on the wide sandy beach towards Santa Margarida. Unfortunately, the sun was behind a cloud and a cold wind was blowing full force in our faces, which made it really hard going. Luck was with us on the return trip with the wind at our backs and the sun in our faces. After being cooped up with all the windy days we were very happy to walk for just an hour.

Everyone in the Autonomous Community of Cataluyna speaks two languages, Catalan and Spanish, with Catalan being the primary language and the language of all legal documents. We get by with very limited language as French is also spoken here and people love practising their English with us as there aren't a lot of English speaking people here. Classes in Catalan are provided free of charge by the local  towns. We tried  to attend a class in our village in October but the first time we went the class was cancelled because of bad weather. We went twice more and still no instructor and no students. The people at the local town hall were baffled by this. We gave up.

Last month we signed up to attend Catalan classes at the local high school in Llanca. Tonight we set off for the 7:30 to 9:30 pm class. There are three schools close together but we didn't see much sign of life at any of them. We spoke to the custodian at the high school, who referred us to the other high school for sixteen- to eighteen-year-olds called the Bachillerato for university or vocational training. The custodian here didn't know anything about our Catalan class. Frustrated, we gave up again, although we will follow up tomorrow.

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