Sunday, February 12, 2012

Mikado Catalan style

Tonight at nine we were in Figueres, our local big town, to see El Mikado. We were quite excited to see a poster advertising the Mikado the other day. We found the theatre in the local culture centre. This touring company is only here for one night. Unfortunately, they don't have an orchestra. I must admit that we are really spoiled having seen some wonderful Mikados in Stratford, Ontario. The singers were quite good; although the choruses only had six people. There were jokes about the Minister of Finance but of course we didn't know what they were as we don't speak Catalan. The female chorus were dressed in more vivid colours and made up more than we were used to to. They were a little more risqué in their gestures. I even saw YumYum giving the Pooba the finger! By the time the intermission arrived we decided to call it a day.

Back in the car we passed the hospital but there opposite the hospital was the Figueres swimming pool, built for the Barcelona Olympics. It was too cold to park again but how serendipitous to look for one pool today and find another.

It was home to watch the Ireland vs France Six Nations rugby match, which we taped BUT merde!, the match is cancelled because of the very cold weather and the state of the pitch in Paris.  

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