Saturday, February 18, 2012

Maintenance mode

With gale force winds blowing again for the last few days we went into maintenance mode. After cleaning the house, we made our first visit to our new Spanish dentist, to get our teeth cleaned. It was a little different from what we were used to, especially since the actual dentist did the cleaning along with an assistant, but it was fine. Then it was on to Fiat as we have had our lovely, little red rocket for three months. They really didn't want to see us until 12,000 kilometres or a year but we had them check the oil and tires anyway. This was a different experience as they just took the car off and brought it back 10 minutes later with no paperwork and basically said, "See you  in 9 months."

Then it was in to the costume shop in Figueres to see what kind of things people wear for Carnival. This is carnival season with a huge four-day bash going on in Roses, a nearby town, this weekend. Our carnival is next Saturday with the parade at 11:30 and the party in the nearby gym at midnight. We have been assured that everyone wears a costume so we have to get right on it. With so much selection in the shop we decided to think about what we want to wear and come back later in the week.

Today was the first time we haven't been blown away at our local market,where we stock up on fresh fruit, veggies and nuts every Friday. Our maintenance continued as we reviewed our contract for private health care coverage. In Spain, or at least in this part of Spain, even if you have Spanish health coverage many people supplement this with private health care.

Today is a cooking day with lovely minestrone soup made with our market veggies, and hot and mild sausage from the butcher's going into a hearty sausage and lentil stew that we will have for dinner. Seamus has fixed both the front door and gate on the driveway from making a huge noise when they are opened.

Now we are ready for tomorrow, the forecast promising  very little wind. We have had endless days of wind, including gusts well over one hundred kilometres an hour. We did feel reassured today when a friend told us that in all of his forty-eight years living here he doesn't ever remember winds like this. 

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