Friday, February 3, 2012

Blown away by wintery weather

Friday morning is market day in El Port de la Selva but we could see from our terrace that there was only one vendor. With gale force winds and a temperature of 2 degrees most of the vendors had wisely chosen to stay at home. It was deceiving when we looked outside as the sky was bright blue, no snow, no rain. I was delighted to see that the lone stalwart was our fruit and veggie vendor. It was no easy task even securing a plastic bag to put our veggies in with everything blowing in all directions. And the cold on your hands as you were selecting the produce was numbing! Finally, we paid for our purchases and it was over to the Nautica for coffee.

We were very happy that the owner had extra heaters on inside. The boats in the marina were tossing to and fro but they were all well secured at bow and stern. As we were drinking our coffee we looked up at the building crane working at the top of the hillside. It was swaying back and forth very precariously with its load in gusting winds of over fifty miles an hour. Finally it would let its load down and start again.

There were no windsurfers out  in all the whitecaps in our bay today. After a quick stop at home to put on some warmer clothes we drove up the coast to get a good vantage point for the waves. We stopped at a few beaches in Llanca and Cap Ras, where I was very nearly blown right over. I literally couldn't walk and Seamus had to maneuver me back to the car. Here there were whitecaps everywhere and you could see the spume almost looking like a foggy haze far out to sea.

We drove even further up the coast towards France to Colera, which has a lovely, wide bay. Here the whitecaps were rolling in and breaking with that lovely Mediterranean blue colour. But the best part was the wind whipping across the bay from one side to the other at ninety degrees to the waves. This was causing spume to fly up and move across the bay resembling a tornado. Then it would spread out and you would see lovely rainbows. This was happening all over the bay and quite far out to sea as well. Lots and lots of lovely rainbows. In one case we saw something almost resembling a waterspout but I don't think it was as the conditions were all wrong with the blue, cloudless sky.

Finally, we decided that we'd had enough of the bracing weather. I can't imagine what the temperature is with the wind chill factor. Sufficiently frozen it was time to go home for lunch and to finish our hearty, home made sausage and lentil stew.

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