Sunday, January 8, 2012

A new recipe

Another tramuntana. We decided to go over to Cadaques and have a little lunch at Bar Nord Est. It was too windy to sit out, so the waiter cleared a table right by the door so we could admire the view across the bay. He left a Buddha head lamp, perhaps to remind us to live in the present moment. Our meals were a warm duck salad with walnuts and a goat's cheese salad. The latter consisted of a healthy slice of goat's cheese wrapped with grilled green pepper and topped with grilled red pepper and herbs. All of this we washed down with the most potent glass of sangria in Spain, making for a lovely afternoon.

Earlier in the day we visited our fish lady in the port to see what fresh fish she had. We went with tuna steaks, which we would prepare with a new recipe we had found. First, little wedges of rosemary, thinly sliced garlic and fresh chilli were poked into nine incisions made in each steak. Then, into a pot just big enough to take the steaks went  a bit of olive oil, the remaining rosemary, garlic and chilli, along with oregano, a cinnamon stick, capers, six anchovies, a little fresh tomato, a small can of really good plum tomatoes, and salt and pepper. Once this mixture was brought to a boil, the tuna was added, totally submerged in the sauce, and all left to simmer for 25 minutes. And that's it! It was delicious. The recipe is Jamie Oliver's from an Italian nonna (grandmother). These are the best recipes. We will add the leftovers to pasta to make tomorrow's dinner.

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