Monday, January 30, 2012

Birthday concert

What to do to celebrate a milestone birthday? Toulouse vs Racing Metro rugby sounded good but then we found out the game was in Paris. After some thought we decided to go to Barcelona to see the symphony at the Palau de la Musica on Saturday night. There were so many good hotel deals we decided to go in on Friday and catch a folk rock concert at the Palau with Spanish rock star Nacho Vegas. The Palau is a most beautiful concert hall.

We arrived at the Palau early to have a drink in the wonderful lobby, which is full of stained glass and colourful ceramic details. It was fun watching as people arrived for the concert. It became obvious that Nacho appeals to all ages. We arrived at our seats up in the second balcony because that's all that was left. Out came Nacho and started singing. Of course we had no idea what the lyrics were but he sounded pretty good, Tom Waits or perhaps a bit Bob Dylan. The band was great and Nacho was joined by two female back up singers and another person he did a duet with. He had a lovely, gravelly -read sexy - voice or as Seamus said, he was a 'low talker'. Near the end of the concert he sang, "This Land is Your Land", but like Leonard Cohen and obviously with different geographical references. The crowd loved him and after a wait and the crowd going quite mad clapping and shouting, he finally reappeared for an encore. The crowd went crazy again and waited and wouldn't leave even when the stage lights went out. Finally, they realized no more Nacho. The two-hour concert was really great. Our first Spanish rock concert.

It was 11:15 so we headed off to the market restaurant just a couple of blocks away, where we sat at the open kitchen and watched the chefs prepare the food. We shared baby squid sautéed with a fried egg on top. Exquisite. Then we shared roast suckling pig. Tasty, succulent, amazing. That and half a litre of the house red made for a great meal. This was followed by a walk around El Born, where the restaurants and bars were still humming. By 1:30 we decided to call it a night.

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