Thursday, December 1, 2011

Red hot wheels

At last we have our own car and what a beauty. Whenever I look at her, she or he makes me smile. She is a Fiat 500 TwinAir sport, colour bright red! For those of you who are interested this car has just two cylinders with a total capacity of just 875cc. In order to enhance economy without affecting performance the TwinAir is packed with technology, including a turbocharger, Fiat's clever MultiAir variable valve-gear and a balancer shaft that smoothes out the unevenness to which a two-cylinder engine would otherwise be susceptible. The result: some of the best official fuel consumption and CO2 emissions data for any car on the market. And she goes like a bomb. Other than checking the oil every few months, no major service is required until 20K or one year. This car is crying out for a name, which we will decide on soon. Stay tuned.

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