Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Another Pessebre

Promptly at six this evening we were in line for the Pessebre in Llanca, our neighbouring town 8 kilometres away. This festival was held in the grounds of a government building, which looks like a palazzo. You  have to imagine a Cecil B.De Mille production with resounding music but with a force 7 gale blowing in the background. It started with the lights going on in a terrace and the angel announcing Jesus' birth. Then the centurions marched along the terrace in front of the house with their flaming torches to take up their places lighting the way through the Pessebre.

In we went to look at a variety of nativity scenes. A lot included young school age children, some were devils, some angels, some part of Herod's family. We saw shepherd's with a flock of sheep, the ceramic makers, the honey makers, the bakers and the traditional nativity scene.

The highlight was the caganer. What can you say? The caganer is a man crouching down with his pants around his ankles answering a call of nature.  With the wind howling and being bare arsed this good humoured guy must have been freezing. Quite often the caganer is found at the back of the nativity scene. Some say if you don't have one you will have a bad harvest, others that nature calls no matter what, and others remind us about the absurdity of life. It certainly is down to earth, no pun intended.

As we finished our walk around the Pessebre, we came to the end and had a little shot of sherry or very strong wine, some cake and hot chocolate. It was a fun visit and I was very glad of my Vancouver Olympic mitts.

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