Thursday, December 1, 2011

A new coffee spot

Every morning we go down to the village for our cafe con leche -- like a cappuccino but not as milky as a cafe au lait -- and to do our various errands. We have three bars we go to for our coffee. There is the one where we sit outside and see the beach and on windy days the windsurfers bare bums as they get changed. Then there is another bar, where a lot of locals hang out. Finally, we've been going to a spot that has quite good coffee but isn't that busy during the day. There is a dour looking octogenarian, or perhaps nonagenarian, in the corner and if you are lucky she may respond to your "Hola". If you are in there on your own as I was one day last week it was a bit uncomfortable.

Today we decided to go to the Club Nautica, which has newly reopened, right in the marina. What a beautiful spot overlooking the llauds or traditional fishing boats, many of which are used for recreational purposes (actually there aren't many llauds in the photo above so we will add some later). The coffee was great, the sun was shining and you can see from the pictures that we've definitely discovered our new coffee spot. Even better they do reasonably priced meals as well.

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