Saturday, December 31, 2011

Bon Ano

New Year's Eve lunchtime and our little village was positively humming. There were lots of visitors -- especially from France -- in the stores and cafes and just walking and enjoying the twenty-degree sunshine.

We were just about to go for our coffee when the Three Kings and some assistants came down the stairs of one of our local restaurants. They were decked out in crowns and long robes and looked like they came from darkest Africa. Families from the same party followed them down the stairs. The Kings boarded one of the local ajuntament zodiacs and with siren blazing took off for their next port of call.

After an afternoon of intense cleaning -- because your house must be spotless on Hogmany, there's my Scottish background -- we went down to our local bar or restaurant for a New Year's Eve drink followed by a coffee. It is so beautiful to watch the twilight descend on the marina and the mountains become blacker and blacker. But we must go home and cook our rabbit.

We are looking forward to the fireworks at midnight, which is so much a part of the New Year's celebration here. And to you wherever you are, Happy New Year.

We have to prepare our 12 grapes to eat on the stroke of midnight before the bells stop their tolling. One grape eaten represents one month of good luck. We learned last year that you must skin and peel the grapes to be able to eat them fast enough to beat the bells.

Tonight's dinner:
  • rosemary wrapped chevre
  • olive tapenade on rosemary crackers
  • smoked salmon
  • roast rabbit cooked with rosemary, oregano, bay leaves, black olives, whole garlic cloves in rose wine
  • roast potatoes
  • brussel sprouts
  • plum pudding with custard

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