Thursday, November 3, 2011

A walk on La Ronda

After buckling down and giving the house a good clean it was coffee time. Since it was an extra long weekend for many Spanish and French people celebrating All Saint's Day, a national holiday in both countries, El Port de la Selva was buzzing with people. It was good for us as two bars/coffee shops normally closed were open, and even better we bought some of the little marzipan balls covered in almonds that are a traditional for the Spanish to eat as part of their All Saint's celebration. We managed to save them for our dessert at lunch.

Then it was off on a walk. There are two huge parks near where we live. Parc Naturel del Cap de Creus covers almost the entire peninsula while a little further south are the protected wetlands of Parc Naturel dels Aiguamalls de L’Emporda. We are only minutes from countless trails and viewpoints. Today we chose to start on the other side of El Port de la Selva and follow a well-defined walking route called La Ronda, which starts in Portbou on the French border and continues on to the very tip of Cap de Creus.

We left the car and descended to a beach, where a lovely Bernese Mountain dog greeted us. And then it was on to the trail, a mixture of windswept slate and gravel. We started climbing, mostly through wild rosemary, thick gorse, Queen Anne's lace and other lovely smelling plants. We had great views of lovely crystal clear bays and inlets with the mountains rising behind us. We crossed a number of small streams with water that was really refreshing in the heat of the day. As we were picking our way along the trail the Bernese flew by us with his owner closely following. I wish I was that fit. There were lots of old terraced walls suggesting that some sort of agriculture took place here at one time, although we could see no clue as to what that might have been. In the distance there were a few dilapidated old buildings. I suppose some kind of farming went on here.

Eventually it was time to turn back. The Bernese and his owner were far ahead of us at another beach where the dog was venturing into the water but not actually swimming. We could see that the fellow who had been sitting in his small Catalan boat or sardinal reading and soaking up the sun had gone for a swim. Out he came and stripped off. Male nudity has become a theme for us that I will tell you about at a later date.


Carolyn said...

Great to see the area, looks beautiful. Looking forward to more pictures (your house?) and future trips.

John Keating said...

This all sounds so lovely! What a life. Very interesting to read about the area. I'm looking forward to more posts. JK