Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Sunday in Cadaques

After two days of torrential rain beating down, Sunday arrived with beautiful sunshine in a cloudless sky. Seamus set breakfast outside. It is beautiful looking over the port, "tres tranquil" as the locals would say. We decided to go for a drive to Cadaques, a twenty kilometer drive away. The drive is over a very windy road through the mountains. As we get closer to Cadaques we pass terraces of olive trees and quite a bit of traffic - everyone has the same idea.

Once in Cadaques we browse our way through the outdoor antique market. Lots of French people are here for the day. We have our Illy coffee overlooking the water as we enjoy the view and just people watching. This is no ordinary coffee bar as according to old pictures hanging inside Jacques Cousteau and Salvador Dali were frequent customers. Dali lived in Cadaques for fourteen years and you can visit his house, which we will save for another day.

We wandered around the harbour and listened to a pretty cool rock 'n roll band playing from the balcony of a hotel. Since it was such a lovely day we decided to get some sandwiches and have a picnic at the nearby Cap de Creus. Once we bought our food we thought that we needed some sangria to complete our lunch. Then it was in to a little variety shop for some glasses.

The Cap de Creus is the most easterly point of the Iberian peninsula and the scenery is staggeringly beautiful. You can see along the coast for miles. There are many huge outcrops that have formed in the wind blasted slate, which makes hiking quite easy but according to my husband we weren't hiking we were just clambering about. We picked a spot overlooking a bay with lovely Mediterranean blue water, and had our picnic of ham and cheese on crusty rolls. It was delicious and the sangria topped it off beautifully.

After a short stop to listen to a guitarist playing outside the restaurant at the top, we did some more clambering and exploring, still in the warm sunshine, before deciding to head home. There are loads of trails at the Cap de Creus and we look to a return visit. Next time we look forward to going down to one of the bays and having our lunch on a beach.

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