Thursday, November 17, 2011

Our First Club Med Experience

Today we had our first Club Med experience. If you are thinking something in hot climes with exotic drinks this isn't it. It was another warm, sunny day so we decided to head over to the old Club Med site in the Cap de Creus Park.

Club Med operated here from 1962 until 2002 with over 400 cabins that operated for three months of the year. As times changed and the Cap de Creus park was established this became an ecological eyesore. The government dedicated €7 million to take down all of the buildings, take away all the insidious plants and pave a track over 2 kilometers. The area is wild and windblown. In fact the geology looks perfect for a science fiction movie.

We followed the track through huge windswept rocks down some steps to a small, protected bay, where the Club Med boats tied up. We felt the water and it was quite warm and I think it would be possible to have a little swim there even now. After our tuna sandwich and sangria picnic we started back. Imagine a hike of over 6 kilometers where you are the only people. What a special place. A great Club Med experience!

(Here is a great website if you would like to know the full story behind the reclamation of the old club med site)

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