Monday, November 28, 2011

Market day in Figueres

This morning we travelled the 30 minutes to Figueres to visit a Movistar store and order our high-speed internet hookup, something we are only able to do now that our precious NIE (Spanish identity number) has arrived. We should have our ADSL hooked up within 10 days. This is a major step forward for us as we will no longer be dependent on expensive pay as you go internet connections, and will now be able to download movies and TV shows.

I love visiting Figueres on market days. Browsing among the abundant fruit, vegetables, flowers, cheeses, olives and hams is a treat, but today’s market featured produce of ‘Northern Catalan’, which is to say French stalls from Roussillon. The first one was selling champagne and Valrhona chocolate. The next one had huge wheels of various goat, sheep and cow cheeses. After tasting several, I bought some cheese and a beautiful baguette that we will have for a picnic tomorrow. You could buy huge loaves of olive bread, raisin bread or a bread with a mixture of nuts; the lady would cut off whatever size chunk of bread you wanted. I couldn't resist the framboise tarts, which should be a tasty addition to our picnic. Another stall was selling wines and another oils and a variety of little loaves. Here I bought a lovely little fig loaf.

After a tapas lunch of patates bravas, potatoes with a spicy tomato sauce or sometimes ailo on them, calamari cooked to perfection and fried little fishes, we headed home.

Later in the afternoon we walked to our village, El Port de la Selva, to buy some sausages for our sausage and lentil stew dinner and to have a coffee. The wind that day had brought out all the windsurfers and kite surfers. But with the sun about to disappear below the ridgeline, they were beginning to pack up. When I say packing up, I mean they were opening their van doors and stripping off their wet suits and bathing suits right in the parking lot before getting dressed. Naked bums, and coffee – another perfect day in Spain!

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