Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Lunch in Gombren

Sunday was overcast but we decided that we were going to visit Gombren in the Pyrenees. We knew if we were lucky that we might be able to eat in Fonda Xece, a Michelin one star restaurant right in the middle of wild mushroom hunting territory. After driving through mountains dressed in their fall colours, negotiating several long tunnels and admiring the bucolic scenery, we arrived. And we were in luck we got a reservation for lunch.

We wandered about the ancient town and down towards a field of cows that were all wearing bells. As they munched they actually sounded like a steel band playing accompanied by the very aggravated mooing of the bull in the next field. Several terraces were behind the cows but not your regular terraces of vines or olives. These were terraces where every so often horses would go racing by at full tilt.

Then it was off to the restaurant. After eating tastes of wild mushroom crackers and rissoles I looked forward to my appetizer of wild mushrooms. I had imagined a plate of wild mushrooms but it was a base of wild mushrooms with veg on top and salt. My it was salty. Next course was entrecote of veal and it was a beautiful piece of veal but so salty. Dessert was a very nice fig tart and finally the bill, which was delivered with a lovely little box of chocolates. Very yummy.

My impressions. I won't be rushing off to look for Michelin Star restaurants. The meal was pretty pricey for what we got. And when the server asked how I enjoyed my food and I told him it was too salty, I didn\'t get any reaction at all. However, this restaurant with the hotel has a great food and accommodation deal for two nights. I wonder how it would be if you said that you were on a salt reduced diet? It might work. There are wonderful, clearly defined hiking trails through the mountains and I think this area definitely requires a return visit.

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