Saturday, November 12, 2011

Hair crisis averted

Almost another week has passed and we are getting much more settled. Tuesday saw us test driving a very cool, red Fiat 500 turbo twin air sport. I'm not sure if it is a mid life crisis car but I'm happy to say that we have reserved it and will be the proud owners as soon as we have our National Identity Card. Unfortunately, you can't buy a car until you have it.

We then went in to Figueres to shop and possibly get a hair cut. Finding somewhere to get your hair cut when you move is always quite traumatic. I've had my hair cut once here but wasn't overly happy with it. Of course most hairdressers are closed between one and four for the lunch break but we were in luck. Christian's was open. I boldly climbed the stairs and indicated to a man that Seamus would like his hair cut. I thought that he could be the guinea pig. The hairdresser handed Seamus a book of hairstyles none of which really looked like Seamus' style but after a quick consultation and I do mean quick because the hairdresser spoke Spanish and Catalan and we spoke English he started cutting.

While Seamus sat regarding his stylist somewhat suspiciously, I sat watching and was very impressed. I would take the plunge. Seamus was finished and the assistant took Seamus off to rewash his hair just to get the cut bits out. I meanwhile went through the style book and indicated what I liked. When my cutter was finished the assistant blew dry my hair and added some goop and I must say it's one of the best cuts I've ever had. We both look very stylish and no longer do we have to go through the hair cut angst. Happy days. As a bonus our new bed was delivered that evening. Great zzzzzzzz's.

On Wednesday we drove up to Perpignan in France and walked around in beautiful, warm sunshine. After waiting endlessly at the restaurant sponsoring the Catalan Dragons rugby team, we were told that we couldn't get the menu of the day, the duck. We'd only waited half an hour. When the wine we ordered didn't come either we left. Sad because it was a lovely setting by the river but we made up for it with moules frites for me and baked ravioli for Seamus at another restaurant where we sat outside and soaked up the sun. Perpignan has lots of little lanes where we meandered and looked at the shops for the rest of the afternoon.

Before going home we took a detour out to the coast to find an Ayurvedic practitioner. Finally, after following a very rough scratched map I made before leaving home we found the place and managed to speak to the man. Seamus' assessment was probably correct did I want to get massaged by a man who didn't wear underwear? I'll let you ponder that.

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