Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Valencia to Peniscola

Yesterday was a down day in Valencia. It started with the morning coffee and then an 8 kilometre walk along the sandy beach to the port. The sky was blue; the sun shining and it was toasty warm. A few people were sun bathing and one brave soul actually went for a swim. After a bit of shopping and dinner we decided to pack up and leave Valencia a day early. Although the beach area is lovely, we haven’t really clicked with Valencia. The driving here is a web of one way streets usually not going where you want them to and it wasn’t what we were looking for.

Today we set off early with no real plans where we were going to stay the night. Once again we came in to the town Peniscola as we knew it from the way down south. This time we had lunch and then a really good drive around. One part is very much like White Rock as it’s built into a mountain rather than a hill and the other part divided by the old town is all hotels, where there are no people right now. The hilly part is quite lively and has wonderful views including a view of the old templar castle where they filmed El Cid.

After checking in to our hotel we went in search of real estate agents and found out lots of useful information about rentals. This town looks like it has possibilities. The beach is good. It has a big natural park, boat rides that you can take several places, and it is a couple of hours to Barcelona and less to Valencia.

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