Sunday, December 26, 2010

Valencia Boxing Day

We had an action packed day today. It was off to the city of arts and Sciences to see the exhibits. This is part of the vast complex and we visited 6 or 7 aquarium related buildings. My favorites were the aviary with the red ibis and spoonbills, the walrus and the shark exhibit. At the shark exhibit you walked around while sharks and other fish eyeballed you right in the eye. Scary. There is a seventy metre long tunnel where the fish are all around you. My favorite fish in this exhibit was the sunfish. It is huge and most peculiar looking. We also visited the belugas, which we have in Vancouver. This is the only beluga whale exhibit in Europe. The walruses were wonderful floating about on their backs with huge tusks protruding. In fact the tusks had scratched up the glass of the exhibit. The penguins were pretty funny. You were right down there and watched the Emperor penguins and one other kind whose name doesn’t come to mind whizzing around the pool. It was a wonderful exhibit with snow all around. In other words a really proper penguin exhibit. I didn’t know that they could swim so fast.

We finished the afternoon with the dolphin exhibit where the trainers actually went in the water with the dolphins that swam the trainers around or tossed them way up in the air. I would love to do that. I’ve never seen anything like it. All in all it was a wonderful day. Apparently we’re having some problems with our videos but hopefully you’ll get a bit of an idea what it was like.

Tonight we walked up to the beach for dinner and I had the sea bass and Seamus the dorado accompanied by a Valencian wine which wasn’t bad. It is a mixture of several grapes. I did find out that the rape fish that I have been rabbitting on about is actually monkfish. We used to get monkfish in Toronto and now I get it. I don’t think that we get monkfish like this in Vancouver.
Speaking of Vancouver someone sussed me out as coming from Vancouver because I had on my lululemon coat. And I thought that I was blending in. The lady herself came from Vancouver.
We are beginning to formulate a plan for our retirement which doesn’t look at all like what we thought it would. We know that Valencia is not for us. I think that we have been too spoiled by Barcelona.

We watched the news and saw the terrible cold in many places. It was a bit cooler here today, about 13 degrees, but the skies are always a beautiful blue. I love that. I know that many places in Europe and North America are digging out of terrible snow. At least we don’t have that problem. Blue skies. Beautiful.

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Country Girl said...

We're in the middle of a blizzard at the moment and I'm sort of liking it, actually!
I love visiting these kind of places. How fun.
Except for the shark part, of course.