Thursday, December 16, 2010

Days1-3 Barcelona

After pretty uneventful flights we arrived in Barcelona. This time we are staying in a one bedroom apartment in the Born area. After sitting on planes we were very happy to just walk and walk checking out the stores, the people and the fashions.

We had dinner at one of our favourite tapas restaurants. I had the cod with zucchini topped with cheese and put in the oven. Lovely.

After yet another walk it was off to bed only to get up the next day at 1:20 in the afternoon. We headed off to the Maritime museum, which is a lovely building, which went back to medieval times. There were beautiful high ceilings but unfortunately for us the building was under construction so we didn’t see too much. Then we moved on to the Cataluyna museum, which showed us the history of the area to modern times.

Last night we had dinner at my favorite restaurant that is right beside the Santa Caterina marketplace. We always sit at the bar so we can watch the chefs. It was amazing to see the huge pieces of t bone steak for two going in the grill. I had a beautiful piece of dorado and Seamus had the tenderest calamari with scallions and a little asparagus. There are ten chefs all doing their thing so it’s quite something to watch.

This morning we actually visited the San Caterina market. I can’t begin to describe the wonderful fresh fish, rabbits, yellow chicken, fruit and vegetables. Beautiful. We had our coffee and croissant and headed off to Gaudi’s Park Guell with his stamp everywhere including the tiled benches, which overlooked the city of Barcelona. After walking everywhere in the park we decided to walk to the Segrada Familia, Gaudi’s church. We weren’t willing to queue up for over an hour last New Year’s but we were lucky today as there were no line-ups. The last time we visited here was seven years ago. We were very surprised to see that the main part of the church inside was finished as last time it was a major construction site. The stained glass was a sight to behold. We then went to the top in an elevator and looked out over Barcelona. They are still working on the outside of the church. Who knows when they will finally be finished?

Then it was off to the main shopping district where I bought a very cool dress or long sweater at Sisley complete with the requisite zip. For the ladies everyone is wearing leggings, including skin tight ones that leave nothing to the imagination. Skinny legged jeans and boots are everywhere. In fact the shoe shops hardly have any shoes just boots. My “not your daughter’s jeans” just don’t cut it as they aren’t skinny at the bottom. Red is very much in fashion in the stores. It is just red and I don’t particularly like it.

We set out for dinner with a few places in mind but we don’t like going in restaurants, which are practically empty. We were very lucky to find a fish restaurant where you select what you want and they take it off and cook it. Seamus had razor clams and I had sepia, which is different from the squid. I’m not sure exactly what the difference is. The fish, salad and a bottle of wine - 27 Euros. We will definitely go back. We then moved on to Origens for dessert with Seamus having castagna cake and I had a coconut flan. We then rolled back to the apartment. It is pretty chilly outside at night.

Our TV only gets Spanish and the router for our internet isn’t working so we don’t actually know the temperature. Tomorrow we leave Barcelona and start heading south.

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Country Girl said...

Love the vids, El! Hadn't realized you had updated and will have to read more later. I've got something in the oven for the faculty party tonight and have much to do. I made a brussels sprouts and carmelized shallot gratin. Very yummy. Much walking needed after eating some, however.