Friday, December 31, 2010

A Day in Barcelona

The amazing thing about Barcelona is that you can walk for miles and miles on streets with no cars. Some streets the cars aren’t allowed and others are too narrow. What makes it really interesting is that you can shop or window shop your way along all these streets. It’s helpful if you get lost as you remember things in the stores.

After a late start this morning and I won’t tell you how late off we went. We have been trying to find a concert to go to tonight. Finally, we found it, a classical Spanish guitar concert in a church that starts at 9. We'll eat later.

Our wandering took us to the main market, which was packed. Finally, we stopped for a late lunch at a really busy restaurant that’s always a good sign. We had to wait so we had a good chance to check out the food. For starters we had asparagus tempura which was melt in your mouth. Seamus had Iberian ham, frites and two of the most orange fried eggs I’ve ever seen. I had an arugula salad with parmesan and sun dried tomatoes that were lightly sun dried because they were still a bit squishy. All the food here is so good.

Again we walked and walked. It really is a feast fir the eyes watching everyone and everything. And yes we did a bit of shopping.

The Manuel Gonzalez concert in the basilica was wonderful. His guitar was melodic, pure and really moving. He played traditional Spanish guitar music except for his encore when he played Spanish music only to be interrupted by a fly and then he would play a bit of Yesterday or James Bond theme or Satisfaction or Roy Orbison. It was vale, pronounced bally meaning good. There’s your Spanish word for the day. There were three tiny heaters in the whole basilica and fortunately we were near one. No wonder people don’t go to church as they’ll freeze to death.

We had to walk in the rain to dinner at the market restaurant where everything is super fresh. It was the bream or dorado for me and squid in rice for Seamus. We sat at our favourite spot at the bar where we can see all the food being prepared. Then another walk home in the rain. We must get up at a decent time tomorrow. Lots to do.

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Loved reading today's travel notes, El. Happy New Year to you and Seamus.