Sunday, December 19, 2010

Day 6 On to Denia

We left San Carles not really sure where we would end up. Our first stop was Peniscola, a lovely town with a beautiful promenade and 5 kilometer long beach. Most of the apartments and houses were all closed up. It was 18 degrees when we were there and it is very odd for us that there were no people about unlike home where the beaches would be really busy.

We headed down the coast with orange groves as far as the eye could see. The only interruption was when there were fields of artichokes or olive groves with the mountains in the background. We decided to bypass Valencia as we are going to spend a week there later in our travels. It was on to the Costa Brava. The first stop, Gandia was pretty grim. It lived up to everything you may have heard about the Costa Brava so we kept going and stopped at a lovely little port town Dania. The hotel we are staying in was built in the 1300’s and was formerly the old customs house.

We decided to have dinner in the hotel and opted for the 7 tapas menu. It was like dinner at Davide and Elizabetta’s. We had mussels in pickle; tuna with pimentos and boiled egg; spicy meatballs; langoustine with saffron and orange cous cous; pumpkin, cardamom and wild mushroom soup; bacalao balls; and ox tail. The ox tail was so tender but unfortunately I was stuffed to the gills by this time. The dessert was very light…lukewarm meringue, lemony mousse and sugared almond ice cream. Fortunately the portions were small so we will manage to eat tomorrow.

It is hard to judge how bad Spain’s economy is. Tonight when we wandered around the shopping area before dinner most of the shops were empty. I don’t really know if it’s because there aren’t many people here at this time. It would draw a certain amount of people as ferries leave here for the Balearic Islands.

Seamus continues to read Keith Richards. Who knew that after he was busted in Toronto that he went for rehab in Philly and lived in Cherry Hill? This was 1977. To readers not in New Jersey or Maryland this doesn’t mean a lot but I have family there and spent many happy hours at Cherry Hill Mall.

Tomorrow Alicante.


Country Girl said...

Keith Richards lived in Cherry Hill for a time? That's pretty wild. We weren't living there in 1977. I think we may have been in PA.

Jenny C said...

What an awesome dinner...sounds delightful. I love your videos...they add a very personal touch!