Thursday, December 30, 2010

Back in Barcelona

We could have used a bit more time in Peniscola. Last night we had dinner at a restaurant on the port and you guessed it we had the extremely fresh monkfish (rape) again followed by a nice walk on the beach. This morning we looked around the old town, which is full of narrow streets and overlooked by the castle. On the way out of town we followed the route past the miles of hotels most weren’t even open. I can see going to that part of town in the winter to walk the promenade but it would definitely be a “no go” zone in the summer.

The ride up to Barcelona through fairly hilly countryside was quite magnificent. We stopped for lunch on the road at the auto grill only to be greeted by the police as we were going in to the parking lot. They waved us through but they were on the lookout for someone. Further up the road were more police and they were even stationed on the overpasses. We never did find out what was happening.

We got back to Eurocar with no difficulties. As soon as I remind Seamus that I have a degree in geography, I then feel obliged to do GPS type navigation. It was a relief to get rid of the car. Every car in Valencia had dings and scratches and we had some tight spots to get in and out of. We’re back in our apartment building but a different unit. One with more heating’ although it is 10 degrees Celsius right now.

Dinner was in an old restaurant called the Four Cats. It is well known for the literary characters it has catered to over the years. I know that I’ve read a few Barcelona novels where the characters eat here. We started with the fresh anchovies which we put on the toast with tomato pulp that is very popular here especially at breakfast. I think it is blanched tomatoes pulped. Excellent. Seamus had the Catalan fish dish of bacalau (salt cod) with beans. I had rabbit stew that was not as good as my friend Dino’s. This one had too many onions in the sauce.

We did our usual wandering around. It’s hard to come back to the apartment since there is so much going on. The street will be noisy until at least two in the morning. I love Barcelona.


CathyB said...

It sounds like you are having a lovely time in Spain! I am envious of the temperature, as it has turned quite chilly, here. Happy New Year! See you when you get back...
Cathy and Paul B.

Country Girl said...

Will you be settling somewhere near Barcelona, then?
The food sounds amazing, but then it always does when you describe it!