Tuesday, December 21, 2010


We’ve been here for two days now. Much of yesterday was spent wandering about the marina. Today we went out there for an amazing lunch. Seamus had mackerel that absolutely melted in your mouth. I had a starter for main course of a sardine, beautifully fried egg and two braised scallions. It was fabulous. The wine was a 14% 2005 Rioja that had matured in an oak barrel for a year. Excellent.

Tonight we wandered around again but lots of the shops are closed except for on the main streets. We are probably some of the few tourists here. I am a little disappointed having heard so much about Alicante. My guess is that the poor economy is closing stores and restaurants early. We ended up in an Italian restaurant and had really good pizzas. Mine was buffalo mozzarella, arugula and fresh tomatoes. Seamus had Serrano ham and cheese on his. This was nicely topped off with some Barolo grappa courtesy of the server.

We were going to stay another day but I think that we will move on.
On another note the Keith Richard’s book, Life is an excellent read. He is a wonderful storyteller. I can identify with his buying sweets using his ration book. I used to get dolly mixtures with my coupons. The book would make a great Christmas present.

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Country Girl said...

I think I'll check out this book, El. Sounds really interesting.

As do your meals. I am dying here.