Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Day ten - Pezenas and Agde

We began our first full day in Herepian by wandering up to the town square to enjoy a coffee and croissant while watching the traffic go by. The bar didn't have its own croissants but were happy to direct us down the street to a boulangerie to get some there. Then it was off to visit Pezenas, just a half hour south of us, reached after a lovely drive through low rolling hills covered with vinyards and dotted with wineries. Pezanas is a market town that achieved additional prominence when selected as the residence of regionhal governors. Consequently it acquired many fine buildings, which we admired as we wandered about the 'old' town. These old buildings are now home to various boutiques and galleries featuring local artists. We found a very cool hat shop. El is very disappointed that we don't have any weddings to go this summer because this would the place for a hat! The hats had major attitude, beautiful colours and very high style. However, I did find a very nice chapeau that goes very well with the charming man purse I picked up in Barcelona. Typically, we arrived just as many stores were closing up for the afternoon. There were plenty of little restaurants to chose from though so we picked one and a had a simple lunch.

We had thought that we would plan a full day exploration of the seaside around later this week but as we were so close we decided to aim for the nearby Agde area. On my map it appeared that Farinette Plage might not be too built up but it was in fact a major beach holiday destination and we got out as fast as we can. Nearby Le Grau D'Agde sounded promising in the guide books and we did enjoy looking at all the boats lining either bank of the Herault river before it enters the sea. but the beach part was the same scene as before. And since we didn't have our swim suits with us in any case, we didn't try too hard to find parking, but just headed off. After making a brief stop in Agde we headed back to the hills.

We took a different route home which involved a little trial and error but with El navigating we enjoyed the scenery taking some back roads across the country ''til we reached the main road again. After a little wine and cheeze on our own little terrace, and a short nap, we walked over to another inn in town for dinner. We had some great cheese. One was like tallegio, another was tome like tomba and the roquefort was to die for. As for the veau kidneys, Michel at Vol au Vent does a much better job.

I find it very strange that at night there doesn'qt seem to be passegata as in Italy and Spain. Where the people go is still a mystery!

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Country Girl said...

Yes, it is an interesting mystery as to where they all go.

Beautiful landscape!