Monday, August 2, 2010

Day nine - Cavanac to Herepian

Today was moving day. We said goodbye to Chateau Cavanac and headed north and east to our next lodgings in Herepian. We got off to an early (for us) start around 10 am and headed north of Carcossone and soon entered rolling wooded hills, much of it in a huge regional park. This is the Montagne Noire. We came down into the valley on the other side and made our first stop at Mnazamet. This was written up as quite an interesting town, built on tanneries and textiles, but arriving around noon on a Monday we found it quite dead. We understand the French are quite particular about the 35 hour work week so if stores are open on a Saturday for example, they might be closed or only open late on Monday. Never-the-less we found some coffee and turned east.

Similar wooded and rugged terrain brought us to the charming village of Olargues, where we stopped for lunch. Built on steep slopes above a river, Olargues is a photographer’s delight of narrow winding streets, flower laden windows and views down to an ancient arched bridge (Pont Diable).

Our hotel in Herepian was a nunnery although I doubt the sisters would recognize their rooms now! Ours is beautifully decorated and includes kitchen facilities and a terrace. We are in the middle of town but many of the houses around us have large properties taken up with vegetable plots. We discovered a big supermarket down the road and did a little shopping. Hopefully,A with our own fridge and stove we will stop bloating ourselves in restaurants.


Country Girl said...

Oh, I love those streets in Olargues. And good on you for the market shop.

Jenny C said...

These pictures are so beautiful!